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nacfest 03-pap

nokin v

NAXJA Forum User
Hey Mike;
Asked you this last year, gonna have to do it again. Do you have to pre-register or can I just show up at PAP and pay my reg fee then?

No pre-registration is *necessary* this year.

However, besides giving the committee a heads up for better planning (trail coverage, BBQ, dash plaques, etc.), an advantage of pre-registration ($18) is multi-day discounts for PAP (which we don't control) which need to be obtained in advance.

Normal daily entry fee for the event is $30. But, if you're going to be there for two days it'll be only $50, three days, only $70. (But, if you're a Club Paragon member - those fees would apply).

We understand that for some, this is going to have to be a last minute decision, and that's OK - we'll be glad to have you, whenever you decide.

Just wanted to make you aware of the savings possibilities.

Hope to see you at the end of May.

Mike in NJ :patriot:
Thanks Mike-------I'll be aiming for the saturday, that'll be about it for me. Hope to see you and others then.........
I know My $18 registration goes to NAXJA, but do I send my $70 for access to PAP or NAXJA?

The entire amount (registration + advance multi-day Paragon pass) is sent to NAXJA NAC. (There were payment options and addresses given to you on the e-mail that was sent back to you from [email protected])

Hope this helps. Anything else either drop a line to that address, or just ask here again.

Mike in NJ :patriot: