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mooooooooooooore gmail invites...


NAXJA Forum User
Roanoke, VA
i've got 50+ of them and want to dump a few. i know it's nothing new or exciting, but i figured i'd throw it out incase someone wants some

for those that don't know what gmail is, it's basically a free webmail account with theoretically unlimited storage space (the storage amount increases every second). but it's currently invite only. so if you want one, or two, or three, etc, lemme know.

i just need an email address to send the invite to.
I know this is a really ancient thread, but I could seriously use an invite about now if either of you guys still have any to spare. Any chance of a PM with one?
JeepFreak21 said:
Casm, pm me w/ your email add.

Thanks - but I literally just got a couple in PMs. Problem solved, at least on my end...