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modified '99 xj from South Carolina


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Grandby, MA
Thinking of selling my project for reasons... it's a 1999 xj that has been in SC all it's life except for the last two or so years but it has not been driven in the snow, it was a 4.0 auto 2wd with 280k and a blown motor...

Used 4.0 with 150k new tune up, oil filter adapter orings, valve cover gasket, water pump and thermostat... tranny is an aw4 out of a 2000 with 160k has fresh filter and fluid and an auxiliary transmission cooler... tcase is a np231 with 160k and an sye with fresh fluid and a tom woods rear driveshaft...rear axle is a 29 spline 8.25 with 4.10s, new axle bearings and seals, Spartan lunchbox locker, and a Solid diff cover, front axle is a hp30 with big ujoint shafts, 4.10s, aftermarket uca mount and lca mounts with skids, new uca bushings, lockrite lunchbox locker, Solid diff cover and Synergy Suspension ball joints...

Brakes: stock front, new rear drums and shoes, new Crown performance extended stainless steel lines

Suspension: Rubicon express front coils with small .75 spacers, Bilsteins all around, TNT long arms with full belly pan and tcase skid, Clayton leafs and rubicon express boomerang shackles, rubicon express hd trac bar and bracket and brace...

Steering: stock box, stock pump with 4.5 psc pulley, JCR steering box spacer, Boostwerks steering box brace (amazing piece) custom or aftermarket crossover heim steering

Other: ORS Fab front stubby winch bumper (small fab shop on pirate4x4) JCR quarter guards, factory gas tank skid, factory rear tow hook, T and M Fab mid subframe stiffeners, 35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTR Kevlar tires with under 1k miles (bought brand new last year have 5 wheeling trips) on 15x8 Cragar V5 rims

Jeep has no carpet po must have spilled lots of soda and stuff cause the carpet was trash it will come with one I got out of another xj, needs a headliner, comes with the wiring harness for factory fog lights, comes with an uninstalled cb radio and antenna and mount...

The rocker panels need to be done they aren't rusty (jeep has no rust) just a little dented from off-roading but the jeep comes with aftermarket rockets from a small company owned by a personal friend called Spadano Enterprises I can provide pics of these things installed and in use and they can handle a ton of abuse I just never got around to installing and I have installed them on two friends xj's

located in Holyoke, MA $6800 obo
Link to pics:

things that the jeep needs (this list contains stuff it actually needs and stuff I would do to it if I kept it):
-front driveshaft (slip yoke has play and I think is causing a vibration)
-new headliner (jeep is from down south so its saggy and has some stains)
-bedline floor and install carpet (has some small rust spots on floor forming from po spilling stuff everywhere)
-cut and fold the lower rear quarters (they are rust free but should be taken care of)
-needs an aftermarket rear bumper instead of the stock unit
-rear end sits a little lower so some adjustable shackle hangers would be great
-front frame stiffeners (cause Cherokee)
-re-gear axles or swap axles (4.10's with 35s and stock t-case leaves a bit to be desired)

Lastly this jeep has a water leak somewhere I thought I had fixed it but I have not im pretty sure it is either the air inlet in the cowl for the hvac (pull hvac unit and seal around the inlet) or I have heard that sometimes behind the fenders 97+ xj's always didn't get proper seam sealing from the factory This jeep was never wrecked has a clean title and was never wheeled before my ownership

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