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Moab Trails Threatened - Submit Comments to the BLM


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Trail access in Moab is being threatened.
Saw this on NC4x4.

“Southwest Utah Wilderness Alliance is trying to shutdown 330,000 acres of motorized recreation access in the Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridge Special Recreation Area outside of Moab. This includes every trail west of Highway 191 and north of town to the interstate. Affected trails include: Gemini Bridges, Rusty Nail, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim, Golden Crack, Poison Spider, Monitor & Merimac, Seven Mile Rim, Bull Canyon, White Wash Dunes, 10 Mile Canyon, Bartlett, Tusher, Determination Towers, Mashed Potatoes, Secret Spire, Dubinky, 3D, Dead Cow, The Tubes, and all the atv/single-track surrounding the dunes.

Make your voice heard! Visit https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/2001224/510. Click the green box on the left that says "Participate Now" and then click on the green box on the right that says "Participate Now". Follow the submission process and urge the BLM to keep this wonderful area open. Submissions are open until 4/26/21. Please feel free to share this link to anyone who enjoys riding in the beauty that is Moab”.
Thank you for posting this up.

I have cross posted this to OverlandBound and sent an email per the link.

Secret Spire with a couple of The Varmints in 2018:

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Done - comment submitted.

This is the way the gov't works, it keeps picking away a bit at a time until before you know it, there's nothing left. Sad.
Typical tyrants.

Can not stand it if people are enjoying life.

Got to put a stop to that.
Thinking about this, if they are closing so many trails they should not need nearly the budget they have.

We the people should not need to fund them as well as we have if they are going to be providing less service.

Cut their budget by the same percentage they are closing trails.

Put that on the table and maybe they will see there is actually another side.
The article does correctly put much of the blame on the SxS yahoos, but SUWA wanted more than this since before they were running wild on and off the trails.

The SxSs have surely given SUWA a lot more support, can't image they could have pushed this through otherwise.
SUWA and their kind have wanted this long before SxSs came along.

I hope the article's description of "kicked a hornet's nest" ends up being an understatement...