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MJ and Xj leaf springs ??'s


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Are MJ leaf spring more arched than XJ springs?
The reason I'm asking is that I have XJ springs I want to put SOA on an MJ and I would like to know about how much lift I am/aren't going to get?
I am aware that Mj springs are longer eye-eye, I will be moving the rear mount forward to accomodate the XJ spring and I will be bobbing the bed about a foot, so thats almost a non-issue, almost...

if you do a SOA on your MJ expect to get 4.5-5" of lift depending on high you srping perches are...with stock springs

also MJ springs are onlg than XJ springs
Keep the MJ springs, longer springs flex better. A friend of mine has an MJ with a spring over and a shackle and it sits a nice 6" or so. It also has very good flex in the rear.
I've alreaby got some BOR 4" flexys in my garage and I'm bobing the bed so the spring hanger would stick out bast the rear bumper.