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Membership Question


NAXJA Forum User
If I join NAXJA do I have to pay separte dues to be part of one of the chapters, example I live in TN, So I would fall into SE Chapter, but to call myself a member of SE Chapter are there seperate dues?
No separate dues,my man! You will be welcomed to join in in any SE events you want to attend. There's usually no fee for "monthly" rides,as it's usually just a casual get together among the SE family. If you are debating sending in your dues for NAXJA as a whole,I would highly recommend that you attend the Cherokee Crawl next weekend at Tellico. We'll be based at Crawford's Campgrounds and there will be plenty to do! Once you experience this,you'll be hooked! Some have asked in the past "what's the incentive to join? I can read your site for free!" Well,we need sponsership to keep the site going,and membership dues pay a large portion of it. Without membership dues,NAXJA couldn't exist. So,for all the great fellowship,trail riding,great information,and even greater folks to be around,$30 is a heck of a deal! Join up! :D You'll never regret it :thumbup:
I Wish I could attend but I'm currently 7000 miles away from home. I am going to join as soon as I come home In Oct. I was just curious of that part Thanks for the INFO. Fred:(
Hey Fred.

If you are doing the :patriot: thing on yonder...Thank You!!!

We'll be here when ya get back!
That's why i'm here. By the time I get home I'LL have been doinf the :us: thing for 9 mons. Well if anyone know kuwait there is NO ALCOHOL so when I get home it's gonna be :party: :cheers: :puke: :cheers: :yelclap: :wave1: :laugh3: party1: :party: :cheers: PARTY TIME

The best part about being here is all the stuff I've bought for the Jeep. I've some installs for when I get home gut can't wait!!!!