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measuring pinion angle


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West Michigan
Ok, I'm stupid.

How Do I measure the angle of my rear drive shaft/pinion.

I used a little card Tom Woods sent me and it looks like the driveshaft is at 17 degrees and the pinion is at 9.

What does that mean?

I measured thr pinion angle by placing the card on the yoke where the ubolt straps bolt up.

Did you eyeball it? or attatch a piece of string to the card?
Sears sells a decent magnetic protractor that works good.

Acording to your mesurments you'll need 8 deg shims. That seems to be quite exsesive.

I guess I don't how to ues the card.

The top of the card has an abvious middle and degress like a protractor are rainbowed across the bottom.

How should I use it?

Were on the pinion do I put the card. The pinion doesn't really have a flat spot on it.



Thanks, I'm sorry if I don't get it but hey, I did put in a Wood's SYE for my 2000Xj 242case. That's gota count for something.

The rear springs are +4inches over stock


As Scott Mac mentioned, get yourself an angle finder from Sears or Harbor Freight. Since you have the SYE, your rear pinion should be pointing inline with the drive shaft, or about 1º below it. Tom Wood says some work better at 1º below, some at the same angle. YMMV.


but where exactly would you place the angle finder?

Anyone got a picture or a good link? I have read all about it but can't find a good picture or some really good instructions.

You can put it on the back of the axle where you will find a flat spot just next to the cover and then take off 90 degrees!