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MAP Adjuster


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Hey guy's! I have a problem atm with rich a condition on my 88 Renix. I believe what's happening now with my Jeep is that it's stuck on open loop. I've checked and replaced all my sensors and relays so far and I think my ECU is still rejecting the signals and staying in open. I've checked all the grounds and all the signal wires, checked for resistance (next to zero) and continuity short of pulling the ECU out and checking the connections there. In the process of this problem I have installed a A/F gauge on a separate system to monitor the condition. The injectors have been replaced with BOSCH 4 port injectors flowing at 208 about a year ago, I'm also using a homemade intake with a cone and higher flow exhaust which is also home brewed.

I hoping at the same time I might get a few peoples opinion on the MAP adjuster as a last resort fix most notably dino's input since it seems that he has the most posted info about it. I have what I need but I guess I'm just looking for a little more input to nudge me to install the MAP adjuster. IDK I don't have the money right now for a rebuild and it does need one pretty soon. The condition of the motor at this time would have an effect on the ECU's preferred A/F and try to compensate but I don't think it would be to this degree, but I am open to possibility and to accept it I guess ti'll a rebuild is done. I'm going out now to check the ECU connections and take a look at the spark plugs again and the timing.

Hope someone can help me out here, thanks!

As a side note, what I have mentioned is all that is left to do, regular tuneup and maintenance items has already been dealt with. Hehe I'm serious.. I did change everything lol
Changed that 4 days ago after thinking just that, cleaned the plugs and checked the wiring. I've already went
through the wiring harness. I didn't get a chance to check my stuff this afternoon.
Went to a buddies to borrow a timing light and found out the signal wire was chopped.
Now I got to fix that before I check my timing and plugs. Never ends...
Just got a blast of cold today at -5. Wouldn't be bad at all if it was January, didn't do anything at all, was too busy shivering heh the body thinks it should be warm out. I did notice something while driving today. The gauge was showing a leaner mix in the cold temps. In the +15 weather it was holding at 2 LED's on the rich side and today it was 4 LED's up from the rich, meaning leaner. I had started the car probably 6 or 7 times today consistently reading that A/F oh well, tomorrow supposed to be nice so I'll be under the hood again.