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Make an offer I can't refuse...


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Bolingbrook, IL
Preferably local guys...

(5) 15X8 Jeep Canyon alloys, off of a 2001 Anniversary Wrangler. MAYBE 3000 miles on em. NO DINGS or SCRAPES, still mint clear coat on em.' 5th spare NEVER used and comes with the stock 235 Goodyear Wrangler AT, A total virgin.

I have em on my rig now for bling but I'm going with Rockcrawlers so I can beat em a little. Here's a pic with em on my 93

Make me an offer I can't refuse! I was thinking MINIMUM of $75 each.
PRICE is exactly $309.94 for all 5 and the single new meat. You pay shipping of course.

That happens to be the price of my 5 new wheels.

That's $61.98 per wheel NOT counting the new rubber. If you figure that in, price is closer to $40 per wheel. If you are LOCAL, obviously NO SHIPPING.

SUCH A DEAL!! :laugh3:
How much if you keep the tire?
I don't need that size, and shipping would be cheaper...
It is quite a deal! Would you be willing to meet half way if my finance person gives blessings? I am in Dubuque, Iowa and they would look great on the XJ!