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Looking for local shop for 4.5" leaf packs


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Palmdale, Ca
Is there a company out there in so-cal that has 4.5" leaf packs that does pickups? reason im asking is because i hate ordering stuff.... so many vendors out there, you never know when your order will be lost or whatnot... so i would like to just pick them up somewhere...

isnt there a 4x4 parts shop off of the 405 in torrance? if there is do you know the real name of it? if there are any others i would appreacite it... thanks

The one your thinking of in Torrance is 4 Wheel Parts, right off the 405... If your looking for a 4.5 leaf and pick up call Currie Enterprises and order their 5" jeepspeed leafs.. If you want a good 4.5 leaf, and don't mind delivery order the RE1462... Or just call Deaver, Alcan, or National... I personaly just installed my Alcans and am breaking them in...
I ordered my RE 4.5" set from 4wheelparts. They shipped the springs to a store and it only cost $15. Shipping them to your house costs $65.

I'm happy with them. Flexy and strong.
If we're talking recommendations, talk to Dan up at Loose Nuts. He's a local guy and he'll take care of you. Moreover he's NAXJA sponsor. He had my last set of springs delivered from RE in a very timely manner for a really good price.