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Local Rig Directory


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Lynden, WA
As with any President, in the later part of your presidency you have to think of your legacy. And mine will be a local XJ/MJ directory. So I want to set up a thread like the Readers Rigs in the Picture Showcase, but for local members and guests.

I will go first :)

Hans Huisman
Lynden, WA
2001 XJ lifted, trimmed and moderately armored.

Phil Marek
Kent, WA
95 XJ (Sport, ha!)
Enough stuff to get me where I want to go.
7 years ago, the day I bought it. :) We've come a LONG way.
Gresham, Or
'94 XJ 6.5" lift with 33 BFG M/T

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Michael Lee
Kayak Point, WA

1989 Cherokee Loredo
"Built Not Bought"
Fort Lewis WA
92 with lots of "stuff"
Unofficial trail clean-up guy (shared with Hans and Michael)
Everyone did a good job except Phil. :banghead: :peace: We need a CURRENT photo so that is I see a modded cherokee going down the road I can look on the registery to see if they are on NAXJA.
96 sport, black steelie soft 8s not in pic, future plans include the first small build. thinking 2" RE BB, 30" muds of some sort, c4x4 rear bumper and tire carrier, tint. will be joining naxja when i turn 18.....senior in high school. (yes, did it the old fashioned way- got a part time job and bought my own car)

Colton, OR (Just SE of PDX)
97 XJ, RE 4.5 SF, 1.75" spacers, RE drob brackets, 33x12.50 BFG MT's, few other goodies

Taken on the same trip as PDXXJNOOB

XJourney said:
Everyone did a good job except Phil. :banghead: :peace: We need a CURRENT photo so that is I see a modded cherokee going down the road I can look on the registery to see if they are on NAXJA.

Well FINE! :D:D:D

You asked for it:

95 Jeep Cherokee Sport
4.0L HO, AW4, NP231J
Dana 30 (297/760 ujoints), Chrysler 8.25" (swapped from a later model, 29spl)

6.5" lift, mostly RE Extreme Duty parts, 4.5" w/ BB
Bilstein 5125 shocks F/R
Currie HD steering
C-rok steering box reinforcement plates
Gibson stainless header and aluminized cat-back exhaust
Performance Radiator expanded capacity radiator
K&N drop-in air filter
Removed airbox restrictor and bored throttle body
33x12.50 Goodyear MT/Rs
4.56:1 gears w/ LockRight in front
Advance Adapters SYE kit and rebuilt front driveshaft
Cobra 29LTD CLassic CB w/ Antenex NMO27 antenna
IPF MSR H4 conversion with PIAA Extreme White H4 bulbs, protected by 3M Stongard film
Blingin' indiglo e-bay gauge covers
$5 used Radio Shack cassette deck w/ 30% missing buttons
Cracked taillight held together w/ duct tape
Jack antenna ball
...and 7 years of dust, dirt, and other crap I forget to mention. :D

That is way better Phil. :) I knew you had it in you.
Puyallup, Wa

93 XJ 4.0, 4", 31 Swamper Trxxus Mt
ARB, warn 9000, d30 w/ aussie, rocker replacement (thanks to some help :wave: ) and other stuff


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Lacey/Oly WA
98 XJ 5"ish lift and going to a LA setup over the next couple weeks.
31" Destination M/Ts (until I can get 33's)
XM radio...
Old picture:

3K line out near Castle Rock:

'87 4.0, Ba10-5 speed, NP231 w/sye(Tom Woods driveshaft)
6" lift w/TnT longarms.
detroit locker in rear dana 44, trutrac in front dana 44, 4.88's
Crossover steering and braces.
35" toyo M/T's
2 1/2" exhaust and 50 series flowmaster
C/B, crappy stereo
Cheap winch
custom rear bumper with tire holder, Front in the works
Rock sliders/armor coming soon...