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Loaner walkie talkie and antenna


Retired Navy
Dushore, PA
I loaned out my spare/backup walkie talkie with magnetic mount antenna on saturday. I do not remember to whom :confused:, but if you see this please contact me so arrangments can be made for their return. TIA :angel:
BTW I had a good time as usual with this bunch of people.:)
Thanks Ben. Was good to see you.
Dave I have you CB I talked to your brother Dan and told him I would bring it to him on wed. Thanks for lending it to me I appreciate it. I looked for you at the raffle but could not locate you. thanks again

Thanks Joe. I saw you at the raffle and wanted to chat with you but things were pretty messy weather wise as you know. If I had realized you were the one with it I would have taken the few minutes, but alas I had to hit the road. I hope it worked ok for you. Will have to catch up with you on our next mutual outing. :)