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Like new after all these years


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NAXJA Member
Just doing some routine maintenance (fluid check, tire pressure, etc.) and decided to also check my spare. Since mine came with the towing package, it included a full size spare on an 10 spoke rim, like the 4 others. Unlike the 4 others, this one has rarely ever been on the axle. Even when swapped out due to a flat, I made the repair and put the "original" one back on. I also have the factory wheel cover so it stays covered.

This is also the original tire. No checks, no cracks, still holds pressure. Wish all my wheels looked like this. Perhaps one day, I'll deep clean and refinish them to match. A bonus pic of the jacking instructions inside the cover.

The "spare"


This one is arguably the worst

Jacking Instructions
I guess some people think they look dated, but I like those Turbine wheels. AFAIAC those are classics.