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lift kits(again)



i'm sure you guys have been asked so many times about which lift you would recommend. well, sorry, but here is one more. i am currently in Iraq and as i sit here i think about what i can do to my newly aquired(from wife) Cherokee. i would like to know what long arm kits you guys recommend. i'm looking at something not crazy tall, preferrably 6"'s or less. thank you
2/3 of the guys on here would say get a RE XD 5.5, good for about 6" and 33's/35's, as for longarms, I just installed the Rockkrawler kit and i love it, theres also Claytons, Rustys, full traction etc. besides that search because there is buttloads of info on here about lifts and LA's
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i have heard some good things about the Full Traction LA kit. There is a guy with an Xj who just got one installed and he said he loved it but he just wished that the rear springs flexed a little more. All in all i thought that it looked great, and when he hit the ramp it did well so whatever, Just what Ive heard about the Full traction La kit. JOE>
i second the RE 5.5. Dont do long arm route though with that lift. ( dont really like the crossmember set up) .you can always upgrade with claytons longarms if you want them.
WilliesTJ said:
i'm checking the TNT site now. thanks all

Ok, I have the RE Long arm kit and as I'm looking, I don't see tha much of a difference. Can yo point it out to me please?

I have herd good and bad things about the re LA setup but i have an re lift on my 89 and have had no problems with it in the last 4 years.

Where at in Iraq?
Cpl. Haak taquddam air base,iraq
Engineers UP !!!