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Lift kit, body parts


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Rubicon Express 3.5" lift kit, old, low miles
coil springs
leaf springs
super-flex LCAs with good bushings and tight joints, fixed length
super-flex UCAs with tight joints, adjustable length
heim-end track bar, uses the factory frame bracket
Basically $1000 in components, asking $300, not ready to split up at this time

Renix front fenders, dark, trimmed at the front for a bumper, $40 ea (picknpull price like $58 and you have to pull them off)

Renix 4-door doors, crank windows, interior panels removed off the fronts. Great for half doors or replace your hammered doors. Driver is a little un-straight but pretty good for 30 years old and not rock scraped. $40 ea (picknpull price like $64 ea and you have to pull them)

Trailer hitch $20

Complete Renix header panel, trimmed a little at the passenger side bottom of the grill for a winch power cables, good marker light housings $60

Tail lights $20 ea

Gas tank skid, I don't think it was from an XJ because it was trimmed a little and mounted with self tappers, but it fit real good, $20

Renix gas tank, appears un-dented, $30
Phil, I'm interested in the Lift kit.
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There are shocks to go with it too, grey rockets? They have good nitrogen in them but one of the rears feels different than the other.
That's fine. I can find replacements if needed.
Oh yeah, a set of TJ Rubicon 16” Moab wheels, five wheels with five trash tires. One tire is shredded!

$100 please
They are renix so they will have the little wing window. Difference might be smoker vs solid on that window but you could swap them out if you wanted.
Bump for doors, fenders, hitch, gas tank skid, tail lights, etc.

Found a stock transfer case skid, $20 or free with any other item. Can add in a very nice stock transmission cross member too.

Leaf springs and coil springs, stock. Factory control arms upper and lower. Any interest?

1988 catalytic converter and a very slightly scraped aftermarket muffler, in a stock tail pipe, cut as far in front of the cat and behind the muffler?

Gas tank looks minty underneath but I’m not going to pull it unless someone wants it.

I can pull the mirrors off the doors, manual adjustment.