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Let's talk part swaps....


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Mesa AZ
All you 4 banger folks better think twice... Parts are getting scarse..

I'm in the middle of a TF904/NP231 swap. The Flex plates are getting scarse.
I had to order one from Mopar directly and according to them there are only 3 in the country.. The TF999 might be a better option but I'm not sure that they are completely compatable. I searched Arizona junk yards, part stores and dealerships all last week to find the proper flex plate with the exciter ring for the 2.5's crank sensor.. Finally had to order a new one.
According to a transmission book at the local Cottman transmission shop, all 84-96 4 cylinder jeeps with an auto were either TF904 or TF999 and both suposidly use the same flexplate. Next time I do a swap it won't be on a 4 banger... :mad:

Swap stats...
86 TF904 from 2.8v6 equipped XJ
99 NP231 23 spline from TJ
87 2.5 MJ
01 XJ 8.25 (4.10 gears lincoln locked 29 spline)
96 XJ D30 (4.10 gears open)
99 XJ rear drive shaft matted to a 87 rear drive shaft total length 51 inches
88 XJ front drive shaft
00 XJ power steering box (bolted right up to the 87 unibody)

I didn't feel like paying $200.00 bucks for the CPS conversion that Mallory, Advanced adapters, and Mopar performance sells....
This project had a budget of 2500 including the purchase of the truck..
total spent so far is $2350.00

Good luck with your swaps...