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leaf springs


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what is the best way to get them off i am trying to add some chevy leaves to them and i couldn get my leafs off any suggestions i am trying to fit 31x10.5 i think i will need to trim my fender as well i will need input on that too thanks
PB Blaster, daily, for a week. On a side note, with trimming up to the pinch seem in the rear and trimming my front, I fit 30's with no problem on my old 94'. Could have fit 31's with bumpstops on the rear. There are guys here that run 31's on a stock set-up. All preference though and what you want to do.

As far as trimming goes, I used a cut off disk on my dremel and did cuts about every inch or so up to where you can see the little welds. Make sure you don't go past that point otherwise you'll get a gap and it'll start to separate (this is for the rear obviously.) After you make all of your slits, just start to bend them inwards up and into the wheel well with a rubber mallet or your hammer. If you are blessed and have a plasma, you can just cut it right off. Sawzall works well too. If you care about the paint, you might want to put masking tape around there to help with sparks and/or paint wanting to peel.

You can go buck wild on the front if you want to. Again I just used my cut off disk...a couple light passes first, without pressing down at all, and then it finally started to melt like butter.

Oh and I forgot...remove your flares. Ha I guess that'd be step one. My bolts and the backing strip were so rusted, they just popped off with one crank of the wrench.

Good luck buddy
Buy a 4.5" grinder and some metal cutting disk...you'll thank your self for it.

if your adding to your existing leaves (bastard pack) you aren't removing the main leaf just the ones below it i think thats one reason people do the bastards it prolly got that name from the difficulty in removing the main leaf (kidding)