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Leaf spring swap question (lengthy)


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Millville PA
About 6 years ago I installed a 3" Skyjacker kit. The kit had full leaves included. I'm sure anyone who has had this kit knows it rides very stiff and in fairly uncomfortable. A couple of years ago I swapped out the coils for RE 3.5 coils and added OME shocks. It helped a little, but still rough. Also, due to settling, I added the RE 1.25" shackle in the rear. Now I want to install new leaves to actually make it ride smoother.
So my question is: Should I get OME medium duty springs and keep the extended shackle, or go with the RE 3.5 leaves, and replace the extended shackle with one of OE length? Basically I am looking to improve ride quality and maintain the level stance I have now. I don't wheel it hardly at all anymore, just DD duty for now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
So what steps can I take to make sure I am getting the right angle?
do a search for shackle box

that product will help you fix your shackle angle
I'm not sure I 100% buy the leaf spring doesn't matter arguement. I had an 89 xj w/ 4.5" RE kit with full leaves and stock shackle the same time I my 98 w/ current leaf setup, and ride quality was night and day. Why would the shackle angle been so much better w/ a 4.5" RE kit, than 3" Skyjacker leaves?