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Lathe motor wiring question (pics)

KY Chris

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Louisville, KY
Can anyone school me as to how to wire a 115V/1phase motor to the switch pictured below. The drum(?) switch belongs to a Southbend lathe my dad owns. It had a 3 phase motor originally, but he wants to wire it to 115/1Ph. The switch needs to be able to reverse directions, obviously. Coming out of the motor are 6 wires: black, white, yellow, blue, orange and red. From the diagram he drew for me, it appears that the Blk,Wht,Yel go to gether and Blu,Org, Red go together. Black and red switch the direction? I really don't know how to wire this thing, but he says it can be done, somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




KY Chris
Here's the link, if the pics don't work:
I don't think a 115v single-phase motor can be wired to reverse. To be clear -- are you trying to re-wire the original motor from 230v to 115v, or have you replaced the motor?

Does the motor have wires coming out of it, or just terminals under an inspection cover?
This is a new motor from Grainger. It's a Dayton, but I don't have it in front of my. IIRC, the colors refer to the wires coming out of the motor. I know I should have photographed the motor, too. Thanks,
BTW, Eagle. I recognize some of the pins in your avitar as ones my dad has. Not just the Cav one, either...