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Land Between The Lakes annual workday


Three-De Off-Road
NAXJA Member
Nashville, TN
The annual work day is scheduled for April 18 this year. It is a day of cleaning and repairing trails at Turkey Bay. In the past we’ve done boundary line painting, weed whacking, trash pick up on the trails and in the camp grounds.

They usually start around 9 am. It’s free admission for the day for all volunteers and they allow you to stay on the trails to do some off-roading during the day. At the end of the day - around 4 - all the volunteers get together at the parking area and they do a raffle. Lots of day passes, camping passes, and a few annual passes are up for grabs as well as some swag.

It’s a very worthwhile day. Please consider coming out for this.
This has been cancelled, and they are expecting to reschedule in the fall.

Turkey Bay IS still open, however, for trail riding.