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just passing it on


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October 14th, 2006 4pm to 7:30 pm, but will probably start a bit early.

O'Daniels Jeep in Fort Wayne is having a "Jeep Jam"!!! billed at their "1st annual" Sales promotion of the new Wranglers, and something called a "Compass?"

Show and Shine Contest
Muddy Jeep Contest
Military Jeeps
The Komet Jeep GIRLS
Face painting for the children
S'mores by the campfire

Starbucks Coffee, and Tubby's Barbecue Pork will be available.
R.C Jeeps, vendor alley, Top Fuel funny hooptie (hemi powered) burnouts etc...

They may have a mini obstacle course set up, still in the planning.

ANY and ALL Jeepers encouraged to attend. They want our Jeeps displayed, no matter the condition, from mild to WILD!

Come out and help support the local dealerships, especially if they hate Glenbrook Jeep.

You can contact Craig Ruskaup at O'Daniel's at [email protected] for more information.