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News Brief 21 July 2003

JeepSpeedEast in conjunction with Rausch Creek Rally Park announce the start of an entry level JeepSpeed Class under the SCCA sanctioned Rally Cross rules. JeepSpeed, a race class dedicated to racing Jeep Cherokee vehicles in organized off-road events, had their inaugural race on 29 June 2003. Five JeepSpeed trucks along with support personnel arrived on Sunday for JeepSpeedEast’s first organized race. In a field of over twenty rally vehicles, JeepSpeed fielded four vehicles and finished seventh overall with Jack Burke taking first place in the JeepSpeed Class. Second Place went to Rick Kiesel with third and fourth place going to the brothers Scott and Rich Van Boerum respectively. With two other races planned for this year and the sponsored contingency prize pool growing, JeepSpeedEast is looking forward to the increased interest this fast moving sport is receiving. The next scheduled race will be on 27 July 2003 at Rausch Creek Rally Park. For more information on becoming a JeepSpeedEast: sponsor, driver, support person, or spectator, please contact Scott or Jack @ JeepSpeedEast.com.