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Jeep parts?


NAXJA Member #426
Fort Worth TX
I need to get some new parts for the jeep. I need new motor mounts and lower control arm. What kind do you guys like and where to get them please.


I get my motor mounts from Pep Boyz because they offer a lifetime warranty, and I go through a set about once every 18 months.

M.O.R.E. (Mountain offroad road express) makes some nice rubber mounts that will outlast your jeep, but they vibe a little more than stock and are about $100 for a pair.

Control arms? Well, you can't beat the RE superflex units, they are way stout and not too badly priced.

I will call RE today for a price on those arms.I have so much to do on my junk now.I think the real mods begin now that I have run the Con.

Crash didn't those stock style MMs cost you an alternator, and an Ivan stewart style jeep thrash through fordyce? I would spring for the MORE rubber ones, I made some for my jeep with a little pipe, box tubing, and some rubber bushings.

JT I have a well initiated uppers and lowers for sale, the uppers are lengthened stockers and the lowers are rustys made adjustable. I have new bushings for the lowers but one of the upper bushings is hosed. let me know if you are interested I will let em go cheap.
I will be looking to buy stuff or order today so if anyone else has stuff for sale let me know via my cell phone.(see above post for #)