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Vernon, NJ
Hey everyone, I've been lurking around for about a month, and figured it would be time to say Hi!!

I picked up an 89 XJ about a month ago after I got fed up with the payments and high insurance on my 2001 Nissan Xterra. So far I'm real happy with the change over to the XJ.

Even though I've only had the Jeep a month, I've been working at it just about every free chance I have. Here's a list of what I've done so far.

Threw out the carpeting, fixed some rust and Herculined the interior
Herculined the exterior
Made front and rear bumpers
replaced every bolt I touched, because they all snapped on me from rust.
removed the flares and hacked up my fenders in the anticipation of bigger tires

Now I'm waiting patiently for my RE 4.5" lift to get shipped to me..this wait has got to be even harder for me than laying out the cash for it :)

I also have another Jeep I bought about a year ago. It's a 73 Commando...it's a long building process....right now I'm in the beginning stages of doing a SOA with stock YJ springs.

Anyway, just thought I would say Hi

By the way, I should be ready to wheel it in a week or 2...anyone up for a Paragon run to break in my Jeep?

See Ya

Vernon, NJ
I'd really like to see what Paragon has to offer over a level 3 trail. The toughest trail my Xterra could handle was Rock Swamp, and Blueberry.

and BTW...just mailed out my check and app for NAXJA membership :)

Welcome to NAXJA and the NAC.

We have something coming up at Paragon on the last weekend in August. You should find a thread on that -- feel free to join the discussion, or just show up and run. And check out Lynn's thread on the UCP benefit run at Rausch Creek the weekend of August 9th. If your Jeep is ready by then, it's for a good cause and Rausch Creek has some nice trails that you haven't seen yet.
Welcome. Hope to see you at Rausch sometime soon (August 10th for UCP maybe?). Funny you mentioned Xterras, we've got about 40 of them at the park this coming weekend. They got me outnumbered! :eek:
I did the entire thing. Actually, I only used Herculiner on the interior. For the exterior, I used Duplicolor Bed Liner. It's not as course and it was a little cheaper. But looking at it afterwards, I think I should have gone with Herculiner instead. Here's some pics I took the other day...just poser shots though :(