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College Station
I guess im officially a newb but figured I would pop in and say hi:wave:and show off my jeep.
It's a '96 with a little over 140K I got it in 2005, its been my daily driver since. Right now its at 5" and rolling on 31s, of course this is all soon to change. The jeep is parked right now as i am in the middle of some pretty extensive work on it.
I have an 8.8 w/ an LSD, 4.88s, disc brakes and a riddler cover ready to go in. T&T long arm upgrade is ordered and on its way. Yukon 4.88s and alloy shafts, are waiting for a detroit locker then its all going into the D30. After some extensive triming it will be sitting on 35s (probably BFG M/Ts). I've also picked up a york 210 and am working on an OBA setup on the side.
All of this ^^^ has to get done by christmas but im shooting for november 1

When Im done ill be itching to make a run to hot springs, Trees, or Bridgeport ORV park. Maybe something can be aranged?





let me know what yall think...

Agreed on the mountains photo.
well howdy dammit

if you see a black one in lot 40 with giant saw 'em off stickers thats me.

I broke the u joint on the driveshaft this past weekend though.
Most of us will be at Barnwell in Gilmer for Nov 14th.... come on out.
Either way I've got a lot of money to make and spend before then. Hopefully im done by the 14th where i go from there can be decided later.

I know i need to pre-register for wounded warrior, what about barnwell? just show up?
I don't know if ill make Branwell, it's gonna be close.

8.8 is in

Pinion angle:

Bumper trim

Fender trim, I expect to do more once i get 35s in there

junkyard special

waiting on D30 parts, I'm going to have to wait until the thursday before barnwell to buy tires, friday to align it.
Everything i read said vertical shocks were the way to go, it should ride better, articulate evenly (with the stock angle the shocks compress and depress at different rates while articulatin) <--- not sure about that but its what i read. I also noticed a lot of full sized trucks (f-230+ & rams) have a set up similar to mine. oh and i have rustys 3" shocks and figured this would probably make them close to right.

As far as moving them up, I got all the mounts from the MORE kit, I did grind on the shock mounts some to shorten them. I just figured my diff would get hung up before the shock mounts do and they are stout enough to take a rock hit or 2.
i also live in the college station area and am kinda new to the site. im actually lookin for a few guys around to go wheelin with here locally. i have a 96 sport. my brother also has a cherokee that looks alot like yours.

ps nice job on the 8.8 swap!