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how to remove locking wheel lug nuts?


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hi guys....the fool who sold me my XJ cant/wont get me the wheel lock keys for those locking lug nuts so no one will steal your wheels. i suppose thats a big problem with jeep country faux wire spoke wheels, seeing as they are so bling bling:rolleyes:

anyways, doest anyone have suggestiongs for removing these short of just drilling them out?
thanks gents
Get an impact socket that just barely wont fit over the lug, and drive it on with a BFH. Then turn it off with a breaker bar. Don't use an impact as you'll round off your new "hex."

Or just use the fire wrench to remove your blingy wheels. Do what ever it takes to get those dubs and spinners on there.

When I lost the key to some of those on another vehicle, I cut a channel in the top of them with a Dremel then drove a chisel into the channel and it cracked in two pretty easily. Never touched the threads.
We always did exactly what Dan T. said!Its always worked!
Rev Den said:
Go to a tire shop...they have a tool that can pull them off.


Take this with a grain a salt, I know because I work in one. Yes, we do have a tool to take them off, but honestly it ain't worth a damn. It worked so well in fact we "misplaced" most of the kit (ie: get angry and throw the thing into the pile of used tires bin). That's not to say it won't work, but you gotta find a place that will do it and find the time to do it as well (it's a PITA!)

Use the old socket method first.
i've used visegrips but that was a real bear since they were torqued on with with a super impact... mig or even braze a lug on the end of it and use the previously mentioned breaker bar.. the chisel and dremel sound like leasy solutions as well..
good luck!
forgot to menson they are the type that are round so you cant really get a old socket on her....
welding may work though....mller 175 to the rescue.
ill give that and the notch trick a try as well...
cant wait to get these 26s spinnahs on. sheeeeeet.
thanks for the ideas fellas.