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Hot/Burn marks in the rear


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Hey everybody,

Title sounds funny but I assure you that the latest is not. My bro noticed some funky burning smell yesterday driving home last night. While it was definitely warm last we drove it today(only for approx. 30 min.), it was INTENSELY hot the forenight. The burn marks and heat are towards the middle of the rear right floor(near the hump).

If it is a heat shield for the cat that fell of or is missing, what do you all suggest is the best course of action? It just passed NJ state inspection too.

If it isn't the heatshield, what could it be??

On one of our trail rides last year, we stopped for a break and someone noticed smoke coming from the rear seat area of another guy's XJ. Ripped up the carpet and found the jute padding underneath was smouldering. He had whacked his muffler on a rock the week before and shoved it up enough that it was making contact with the floor pan, and the slow crawling on the trail didn't generate enough air flow to cool things down.

Check your exhaust system, and see if the hot spot is above the muffler or the catalytic converter.
Thank you all.

I will check under soon. Did do some crawling and may have hit something. Will hit the cat and see if it rattles(should sound hollow, right?) .

I will be back tomorrow.