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Hole in Clutch Line, JB Weld?


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Hey everyone, I have a hole in my metal hydralic clutch line and was looking for some ideas. The hole is were the line enters the bell housing. I don't want to have to drop the transmission to fix this hole.
Does anyone have any experience with this or do they think that fixing it with JB Weld would work?
Any input is helpful, thanks.
I would say forgett it.
Doesn't work. Not only it's a pressure line.
You also have to get it dry enough to put the JB on. Otherwise it won't stick/bond.
The other thing you have to think about, is, that you might end up clogging the line with that stuff. Even worse, some of it ends up in the slave cylinder.
However. I would try it if I were out in the middle of nowhere in some sort of emergency just to get me back home/ civilization.
But then as soon as possible get a new Line.

So ya, swallow the Bullet end get a new Line.
Do it once and do it right.
i would suggest use JB WELD to patch up that hole in your wallet:) and save up some money to buy the line:)
Purple said:
i would suggest use JB WELD to patch up that hole in your wallet:) and save up some money to buy the line:)
yeah man buy the line. I wouldn't even use that for a band aid
How much is a line like that? just curious? I fixed one of my fuel lines on my 72 celica with epoxy like that, it cracked again on the hiway in traffic, drove it home PRAYING it wouldnt catch fire, the engine still ran... (spend 8k on the car)
NEVER AGAIN... said to myself!!!! but that was few years ago, i was still young :p
this thread should be in the same "section" as ..."home made coil spacers" WTF..........?
Pull the tranny and replace the slave/throwout bearing! I would also look at the condition of the clutch while you are there! I would also replace the line to the master! Kragens has them for under 30 bucks! you can never go wrong in replacing more than what is needed! Never a good day when you lose what you need to get home! Been there, dont want to do it again!

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Where, exactly, is the hole? If you have an internal slave cylinder, as it appears you probably do, there are two short metal lines coming out of the bell housing that are part of the slave cylinder/release bearing assembly. One has the bleeder fitting attached to it, the other attaches to the tube/hose assembly that runs down from the master cylinder. If the hole is on the bellhousing side of the connection, you're looking at a new slave cylinder and there's no way you're not going to be dropping the bell housing.
If the hole is in a straight section of metal line, a 3/16" or 1/4" compression fitting will fix it right up. Cut the line, install the fitting and you are good to go for about $.49.

Ya, guys the hole is in the slave cylinder side of the hose and I was just trying to avoid droping the tranny and replacing the slave cylinder for the hole in the line. I might try a compression fitting like CRASH suggested though, I have thought of that but not sure if there is enough room. Wouldn't you have to flare each end of the hose after you cut it?