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Today I was driving my 90 MJ down the road and it started staling out, I noticed it was not getting past 1st gear (it’s an automatic)
My first thought was that there was an oil leak as I had just changed it last night, but this wasn’t true. When I tried to restart it, it wouldn’t even turn over. No crank no start, but the lights were just fine so I assumed it was an alternator issue (I had just put in a new battery three days ago).
I had it towed to a mechanic shop as I don’t have any diagnostic tools, and I get a call a couple hours later saying they found the engine so locked up they couldn’t even turn the crankshaft no matter how hard they tried. The mechanic suspects the oil pump went bad and said I may need a new engine. Is this accurate?
Please tell me one of you wizards knows some arcane secret that will save me a whole bunch of time and money. Thank you!
You probably sheared the distributor gear and spun a bearing!
That's just one possibility, but on a 35yr old vehicle anything is possible when you don't know the history!