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Hello Out There!

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Hey yall! My name is Kinsey! My dad, Mark Sechler, was a member of this group a long time ago. He drove the purple XJ, a few people called it the Draggin Wagon. If you ever wheeled with him in URE, then I was probably driving at the age of 9. I am sure that will stick out for a few people.
Life got in the way back in 2007 and he sold his jeep. We have always talked about her because she was the one that got away. He always hated that he sold it. He was still in contact with the guy that bought it for a little while afterwards, but we all thought the jeep was gone forever.
I just happened to be on Facebook on September 1st and found a very similar jeep for sale just a few miles from my house. After looking at some the pictures that were posted on the ad, I knew that it was the jeep. It all seemed like fate, so I bought it.
The jeep that carried so many memories of my childhood is now back with me and the rebuild process starts. I am going to need advice on quite a few things as this gets off the ground. We have to figure out a way to get the cheap orange paint off and try to save as much as possible of the orginal purple paint. That is the biggest hurdle we have. Any advice is welcome!

Thank you for reading!

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Hello, I wasn't around back then but that is really cool you got a rig that means so much to you. Unfortunately there isn't a ton of traffic through here like there used to be. The events are still going pretty strong though especially our Midwest Chapter Winterfest event. This year will be my families 10th, maybe we will meet you there!

Also maybe try the Facebook group for the Midwest Chapter for a little more activity. Since you are in NC the SEC chapter FB group is pretty active as well. I will say all the tech is here and searchable, the forum may not get a lot of traffic like it used to but the existing XJ tech here is still unrivaled.
I am in the facebook group already and have reconnected with some the guys that my dad used to Jeep with. I am so excited to have the old jeep back and get to make the memories with my boys that my dad made with me and my sister!