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Good Idea? Bad Idea?


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Bellevue, Wa
FiFo said:
If you’re going to spend a small fortune on a diff cover get one of these:


I got one about a year ago and will never go back to running the stock cover; it stiffens up the Diff a lot and is practically impervious to anything your likely to do to it.

I'm running one of these as well on my front 44. Freakin' awesome. Although you can get similar ones for a lot less. They're probably made overseas though.(n)
Avanteone said:
They're actually VERY durable... I always thought they were kinda cool.


I actually think they are kinda cool too.
Jason-RJR said:
Hey, at least you'd know if you have diff fluid.

You can tell with a steel diff cover too - if the gears don't weld themselves to the housing on the drive home, you probably have fluid! ;)