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gettin a new jeep


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im a daily driver and wanted to lift a 97 cherokee. lookin to fit 33 or 35s. no idea where to start if a 4. 5 will fit it or 6.5 what lift. on some what of a budget was lookin rough country and rusty. thanks



4.5 rusty's full spring pack kit with some fender trimming 33x12.50 swamper tsl radials
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I recommend rusty's.. I have had my lift for almost 5 months and wheel hard no problems at all and their prices are hard to beat.... and yes I wouldn't recommend running 35's on stock axles.... I'm running 33's on stock axles but I have a light foot... good luck with your lift wichever way you go

33's and the 6.5 you probably wont have to do any fender trimming...with the right bumpstops and backspacing... I'm sure if you call rusty's he will set you up with whatever you need.... GOOD LUCK BRO