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Gas Prices In The SE


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Chattanooga, Tn
Chattanooga, Tn 3PM today 3.50. Now at 11pm approaching 3.80. I went to 6 different gas stations tonight to get gas because the lines were 20-30 minutes at most of them. All of them have major differences in price. This is totally ridiculous. It amazes me how people "buy" into such blatant fear marketing and hype.
Where'd you fill up at? I'm at work here in town and need to get gas its 3.70 here in town.
at 11 pm last night gas was 3.40-3.49 ish

this morning at 7 am its 3.80.

on base its at 3.70.

this is gettin really stupid.
I paid 3.38 last night....I thought that should have been lower......My wife didn't get gas last night so I am probably going to have to fill hers up today and I am not excited to find out what the new prices are....
so my wife runs the gas station on base where we are both stationed, and she told me that the towns around base are @ 4.50 already. base is still 3.70 until they run out of gas

holy ****
I paid $3.53 last night now it is $3.70 a gal

So i put my (235/75/15) tires on last night with a 4.5RE SF lift

HAHA looks like crap but it saves GAS!!!

Now im should be doing around 22-24 miles to the gal
It was $3.54 on my way to work yesterday morning. On my way home it was $3.79. I knew something was up. Then last night I kept hearing rumors that 25% of US production was getting shut down because of Ike and gas was going to $5/gallon a midnight and only allowing 10 gallons at a time, lol. It's the same ole news scare and bullshit that put people in a panic and then the price gouging begins. This morning it was $3.99 here.
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XJfreakHO said:
BP at Fleming, it was 3.59 actually, I looked at my reciept. Sucks.

Damnit. i decided I'd risk it untill I woke up. Gas at BP at Flemings is now 3.89.
You think thats bad, Im at my brothers place in Mooresville (Looking at a jeep today, Ill let you know how it goes later on)
But all the roads are traffic cuz of all the idiots rushing to the gas stations, I filled up last night, but I used 1/4 tank already to drive here, and the jeep Im looking at is another 45 minutes away.

Oh and btw gas here is 4.29 for regular, and 4.59 for premium. 4.59 is also the price of diesel, so use that for comparison.
prices havent changed here at all...maybe by a cent or two but thats it