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FYI Another stroker passed the e-test.


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4.6L home built low buck stroker based off 1988 RENIX system.
24# injectors, no intake mods, 10k miles on engine so far and running 91 octane gas.

RPM 1703
HC ppm Limit 90 Reading 15
CO% Limit .5 Reading .03
NO ppm LImit 979 Reading 26

At Idle 950 rpm
HC ppm Limit 200 Reading 31
C0% Limit 1.0 Reading .05

So, it not only passed, it passed by a long shot.
:thumbup: Glad to hear it.

Has any one out there had problems with a stroker passing emmissions?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Most seem to do quite well.
Mine was running a bit too rich at this altitude (5300ft) with the 24# injectors so I did a MAP sensor mod and it passed with flying colors.