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front driveshaft question


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I am in the need for a front driveshaft anyone know if any other type front driveshaft is the same? ford, old amc jeep, ect..... I have 4.0L AW4 with 231 t-case.. and dana 30 front axle... I have looks all around my area and they all seem to be too short....

Don't know of any equivalent shafts...but wondering what's wrong with yours. Unless you've bent it, then the only thing wrong would be the u-joints....and why not just replace them?
there is an used one off an 89 (i assumed that your profile stating that you have an 88 is correct) in San-Angelo for $45

check www.car-part.com
Jeep Cherokee (except grand cherokee)
Front Drive Shaft

4cyl, AT
4cyl, MT
6cyl, AT
6cyl, MT

i chose 6cyl AT based on your facts...