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Ford 8.8 swap in France


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Hello everybody,
First i'm sorry for my english i'm french :worship:
I've got an xj to 94 and i don't found some information i need.
I'm going to swap my dana 35 for a nice ford 8.8 and i miss some measurments to fit the new axle perfectly.
If some one have the measurment to place the spring perches on axle with few photo it will be perfect.
I had allready search on the forum,but i don't find pertinent information.

Thank you :)
The best way to do it is bolt it all in, adjust the pinion angle to be perfect for your exact setup and then weld the spring perches and shock mounts but this will get you fairly close. I haven't read it word-for-word but it doesn't appear to indicate what height it's intended for. Pinion angle is easy enough to adjust with shims but if the shock mounts are too far off where they're supposed to be, they'll eat shock bushings.

I would happily measure the spring perch width on an axle for you, but I would not try to measure the angle of the perches or take any liability for that. As noted, “install” the axle, rotate as needed, and burn it in.
I’ll measure tonight. If you private message me an email address, I’ll also send some pictures for clarity.

I am curious as to what vehicle modifications are legal in France? Before Covid I was looking to move to either France, Italy or Portugal. The information I had from multiple non-official sources said that it would be impossible for me to permanently import either of my British registered modified XJs into France even with a EU Certificate of Conformity (CofC).

Do you know of a French government website that I could read to find this information?
Hi Vince.
In France you can't modify a vehicule like i do except for rally,race,showcase or private use only...
So if you import your car in France,keep your english plate and your english licence.If police control you,just say "i'm in holiday in france" or something like this :)