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Ford 8.8 Dana 30HP WJ knuckle/brake swap


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Parker, CO
Ford 8.8 w/ 4.10 gears limited slip no cover
Dana 30 HP Axle disconnect 4.10 gears
WJ knuckle and brake swap with Akebono brakes
Brackets to swap to ZJ
Axle shafts 297 ujoints

This is a complete swap kit for adding higher gears and better brakes. Brackets for ZJ are included but not welded. The Dana 30 HP does have the axle disconnect, but will include axle shafts to eliminate the weaker 2 piece shaft. Complete WJ brake swap with the better akebono calipers. This includes the correct WJ ball joints, drag ling and tie rod. TRE, ball joints, brake pads, rotors have less than 1000 miles on them. Had them on the ZJ, doesnt work with CV axle, you need ujoint axle, which are included. I removed them upon searching for HP30. Now selling the Jeep.

This is a complete Setup. All pieces are separated at the moment but all are included. Axles are dirty, expecially the Dana 30, but will clean when I have someone interested or get a chance to. I can get anymore pics on request. Anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Richard-Text or PM

Have it posted to craigslist--$1000 for Naxja
Probably should just scrap that disco 30. The cast piece for the disco assembly is a weak point and in order to swap in the non-disco shaft you need to remove the gear carrier and press in an oil seal on the disco side of the diff housing.... not all disco 30's had that area machined out to accept the oil seal (I found out the hard way) and I still have the new seal I thought I'd be pressing in.