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Finally got some Moab pics scanned


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Username: C-ROK
Password: Moab2003

The last launch up Widowmaker broke my rear 9 inch housing. It split where the tube inserts into the web of the 'pumpkin'. It was about a 4" long crack. I welded it on the trail and drove on back to Moab but that put us on the done pile for the rest of the trip.

Spending some of today making a new housing....... stronger, lot's and lot's of gusseting :)
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Here you go Rok, I hosted a couple for you.



Awesome! Don't you mind list what you have on XJ.
Thanks Phat.

Uhhhh, duh.... How'd you do that posting thing???:dunce: :dunce:

Quick rundown of the big stuff:
TPI 350 (L98 heads, over bored 0.030", yadda, yadda, ya)
700R4, Atlas IIX (3.83:1)
9 inch rear (40 spline shafts and spool)
D60 front (35 spline inner and outers, ARB)
Wishbone linked airbag over detached quarter eliptic rear
5 link (w/ panhard) reversible sleeve airbag front
38.5 TSL SXs
C-ROK said:
Thanks Phat.

Uhhhh, duh.... How'd you do that posting thing???:dunce: :dunce:

I hosted them on my site, to get them off that BS of a website, MontyPics.

From there it's just getting the URL and using the IMG button on the reply screen. It looks like you may have had it right the first time you tried, but MontyPics probably just screwed you up. No worries, you'll get it, it's just a computer nerd thing :D
PhatXJ said:
No worries, you'll get it, it's just a computer nerd thing :D

Well nerd I am. This geek just hasn't quite fully merged onto the information superhighway yet :dunce:
Hey Greg, great pics. Too bad we didn't get to meet up in Moab, saw your Jeep parked a few times, maybe we'll meet up at the NAXJA event.
Cool. When are you going to sell C-ROKers? Do you have a price set in your mind?
Pair8hd - I'll definitely be at the NAXJA Moab deal in Oct. I'm planning on being there all week (and hoping to keep the Jeep in one piece all week too). Looking forward to meeting you and a whole bunch of other NAXJAers there.

LJRXJ - We hope to have the C-ROKers out by this fall. No idea on pricing yet. Sorry.

Awsome job on the Wammy. I've never made it. See you got Mr. Mo going! Great shot!

orgs mfg
Thanks Mark.

I like to call that "throw'n some wood on it".

That was my first time up the Whammy.
I rolled my old Scrambler real hard on it in 2000. Was almost up too. Used to have a video of me waving goodbye to everyone right as I was begining to roll. My 2 year old son figured out the 'record' button on the VCR a while ago and now all I have is a brief segment of Home and Garden TV sandwiched in between video of the golden crack and me picking tools and parts up off the slickrock as my Scrambler is winched back onto it's wheels. Aaah the joy and blessings of children :mad: :mad: :smsoap:

This was my first time back since that and this time...... it was personal.
OneTonXJ said:
Mark, that's cuz you're too chicken to do it :D


Damn skippy!

Stopped playing on that thing a while ago. Just follow the trail to the left please.

orgs mfg
Nice pics Greg! :eek:
I can't wait to see it in action in person during the Oct naxja event.

Some some reason my Jeep(s) have always pulled HARD to the left when approching D.W. so I've never had the chance to try it. :anon: :D