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extended rear shackles


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New York
I currently have a 4"Superlift. The rear of the truck has stock leaf shackles with a 2" leaf pack and 2" block between the axle and leaf pack.(I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time?) The transfer case is dropped and the rear axle is shimmed. No SYE (its on the Christmas List) I want to put in an extended shackle to gain some lift and help with flex. I ordered the JKS boomerang shackles. My question is will I have to re-shim the axle once I put in the extended shackles? They are only going to give me 1" of lift. This is the DD.
the most reliable answer is: I don't know.

You will have to install them and look. Then drive it a bit if it looks good. You are kinda in a grey area for this setup given the year/drivetrain/day of the week it was built.