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Exide Orbital or Optima


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Wondering what your thoughts are on these batteries. I'm getting a new starting and deep cycle battery. So any opinions about them would be great, thanks
Are you getting a deep cycle for a starter?

Either way, you can't go wrong...I run an Optima but the Exide is a good unit.
I run an optima, but Ive heard the same good things about the exide. The other day I left the interior lights on for about six hours after the jeep died on the interstate. I towed it back home and played the radio for a few hours while trying to track down my starting problem. All the while I was using it to crank the engine over. It took all of this witout a single charge from the alternator the entire time. Im pretty sure this would have killed my normal wet cell.
deep cycle will be for the winch (when i get it) and the power inverter.
the starter will be for well ... starting:D
I got the excide and for hte $$ at the time I ended up getting a bit more juice :)
It was unintentional since my battery failed, I needed it working and it was alte night and Kragen was right by me :)

I have had a NAPA Select (Exide Orbital) since November 02 IIRC and I like it (I guess :dunno: all it has to do is start my Jeep, and it does) I couldn't find one exactly like it on the Exide website, but from what I gathered it is an AGM type, opposed to the Gel acid in an Optima.

I was going to get a red-top Optima, but found this one on sale for $100 ($25 off) so I snagged one. it has 2 pair of top posts and one pair of side posts. I only run 1 battery, but those extra top posts would be handy to hook up a backup/winch battery.

Advance Auto has Red-top Optima's on sale this month (Aug) for $100, and I need a start battery for my 88 XJ...so I may go that way unless my NAPA guy will deal for another one like I have.

It would be hard to argue against a new pair of Optima Gel Cell's (start with the red-top, winch/stereo/lights etc with a deep-cycle yellow top) but then again, a pair of new Exide AGMs would likely give great service as well. Optima's have a 'cool factor' that the Exide lacks, if that is important to you.