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Exhaust Valve Question


NAXJA Forum User
Mansfield, MA
I replaced my old exhaust manifold with Banks headers last weekend, and when the manifolds were offf I noticed that the exhaust valve for cylinder two along with the pipe in the stock exhaust manifold were white. Cylinder three also had some white on the exhaust valve but no where the same amount as the second cylinder. Any ideas what this could be from? Thanks.
That is what I was initially thinking, although I had only heard about white spark plugs meaning you are running lean. I guess I need to clean the injectors, although, short of pulling the headers back off, I'm not sure how to if that makes any difference.

Another quick question, my coolant seems to keep disappearing slowly, and I thought it was from a slightly loose tranny cooler line, but could a blown head gasket be causing this white stuff (would I be seeing other symptoms of a blown head gasket?) Thanks.