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Excellent Opportunity...

Lawn Cher'

NAXJA Forum User
Westampton, NJ
For those that don't already know, I've begun the process of starting an engineering firm that specializes in the design & manufacture of high-technology vehicle systems. ATHENS Engineering has already applied for a US Navy SBIR (small business innovative research) grant to develop a hybrid-electric drive train system for their 21' RHIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat) platform. We probably won't hear word on this until May, but in the meantime we've been searching for various means of jump-starting our meager LLC.

So, my partner found this announcement from DARPA...


And my reaction was that with the help of my NAXJA-NAC friends we could build an entry based on a XJ platform, of course. I may also need help from the company I work for now, where we design and manufacture custom pharmaceutical packaging machinery with a strong emphasis on industrial automation, but sponsorship is a whole other subject.

Please let me know if you are interested, I think this may be an excellent opportunity for my company to get off the ground and for NAXJA-NAC to build an endowment for future events and projects.
I'm confused. You want to build an entry-level inflatable hull XJ for the Navy? :)
No, they are two different projects. After further investigation, this DARPA thing is much too complicated and costly. I'll be following the competition via the internet, but I've decided not to participate.
I thought I was the only one that was confused.. I was thinking the same thing, Eagle.
headed to college next year at PSU for engineering.. it would be cool to get experience and that stuff through the year- as long as i wasn't a burden.. i'm starting out at PSU york to avoid the summer session at main.. where you guys at?


This project has been canelled due to the overwhelming complications involved with the automation technology involved.

Thanks anyway!