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engine cut out update


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i was going to start replaceing stuff but then i went on workers comp, and am very short on money. it finnally died thursday and i found there was no spark. after letting it cool for a while it started right up and i drove most of the way home. it died again and i had to be towed the rest of the way home. i replaced the coil but it didnt fix the problem. what else should i replace in order to get spark?
A prime suspect would be the crank position sensor, especially if this is a pre-91. You can test it with an ohmmeter, but different years have different readings and are tested at different terminals, so be careful. Not horribly expensive, but rather hard to reach and no fun to replace. A search here for "CPS" will probably come up with some hints on testing and replacement technique, or if you specify the year, someone can point you at the right test procedure.