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Does anyone run the Blues?


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Tri-Cities, WA
Just curious if there is anyone around the Tri-Cities/Dayton/WW that runs up in the Blues. I'm looking for some trails to ride. I'm a nooby regarding the Blues. :)

I'm sorry...I saw the topic and just can't stand it!!! I'm such a smartass!

I don't run the Blues but you can borrow my book if you want:

Wait for it...


...sorry - I couldn't resist! ;)
My friends and I go to school in Walla Walla and go up into the Blues on occasion. There isn't really anything that exciting besides fire roads, its only interesting after a good snow or rain so we can play in the mudd. Your best bet is to get a map of the Umatilla forest from a ranger station and go exploring. Just be careful you don't end up on private land, the ranchers don't take to kindly to jeepers.
I picked up a Umatilla map from the ranger station in Pomeroy. A couple years ago I was on a Jeep Jamboree and I met one of the rangers from there who was also participating in the jam. I guess I need to try and track him down and see what I could find out from him. Just happened to remember that. :)