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Do I have to pull the front shaft???


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Do I have to pull the front drive shaft???

Ok the rear now has 4:10's in the back and the front still has the 3:55 I think it is. The qustion is do I have to pull the front drive shaft if I keep her in 2 wheel drive??? I am not going to go into 4 wheel untill I put the front in next week.
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That is what I thought but some one keeps telling me no you have to take it out or else it will bind and you know the drill so I just wanted to make sure.
They may have a valid concern though.Your now rotating on the mainshaft due to different axle speeds.Your oiling is minimal plus the 97+ dont use bearings(non-disco).
No, you will be fine unless you or someone else pulls that lever back :explosion:

I hung my 44 with 4.56 up under mine yesterday afternoon, and have rode 50 miles on the pavement so far (with 3.55 in the front) No worries if you leave the happy lever in 2WD.

If you are really jonesin to wheel, put smaller tires on or let all the air out of the front :D
If you had a 242, you could run it in full time 4x4 like that...

It was HELLA fun in my XJ in the snow (couple years ago, and there was over a foot of snow) with 3.55s front and 3.73s rear.

Hey, I once followed a Toyota on the Rubicon with 4.10's in the front diff and 5.29's in the rear. (He had busted the front locker the weekend before and waned to make it up for the big July 4 party)

It was a good time watching the banging and popping, and nothing broke.