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Difference between 2000/2001 FSM's


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Can anyone enlighten me on the differences between the two sets? I ran across a really good deal in my area on a complete set for a 2000, but I own a 2001. I know they are basically the same in most regards just the 2001 has some year specific parts; aside from that would the powertrain, transmission, body and chassis books be mostly identical??
The 2000 FSM covers both CA emissions and non-communist state emissions. As suggested already, any differences will be very minor.
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The real question would be why not get the correct set? The FSM for my 2000 was easy to download.
Maybe he wants hard copy? PDF format is so much easier to search.

The only difference I've noticed is my 2001 FSM is 940 kilobytes bigger. :}
I got my PDF copy for free and I always do my homework on the computer before I start a project if I have any questions.
Agreed but I find the pdf a PITA to mess with when i'm working on something in the garage.

True, especially if you're doing something like a trans rebuild. I have a couple of hardcopies that have their share of greasy fingerprints, mostly in the AX15 section.
I like hard copies.

No batteries required. More reliable than any software.

At $60 I would not hesitate.
I have a hard copy of a '01 FSM I got for free that I use all the time for my '00. But I also have the PDF version of an '00 FSM. Since I own a CA Emissions '00 I seriously doubt that there is anything in there that would not apply to my '00. And I am with the people that like hard copies to so......
I have a 2000 and a 98. I have both FSM. I was is in a discussion of gear box adjustments. I had to double check myself. So, I read the 2000. It was different than I remembered. Then I went back the next day and compared the '98 FSM. It was different. I thought the 2000 instructions were better.
Might be worth grabbing the deal on the 2000, and keeping an eye out for a similar deal on the 2001 (at which point you can sell on the 2000 set)...
Some of the FSMs I have are broken out by section so it's multiple PDFs. Some are single PDF.

The single PDF is nice since I can text search within them. Once upon a time I had access to the full Adobe Acrobat so I was able to full text index the others so now all are text searchable.

If needed, I just print off the page(s) I need to take to the garage, or use a laptop/tablet.