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Did the Earth Move For You, Too?

Mike in NJ

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Alexandria, NJ
I know this is old hat for the Left Coasters, but this is pretty unusual stuff around here:

The Associated Press
8/26/2003, 3:42 p.m. ET

MILFORD, N.J. (AP) - An earthquake rattled a rural area in west-central New Jersey on Tuesday afternoon, causing buildings to shake and knocking curtains off windows. There were no reports of any injuries.

The U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado said the magnitude 3.8 quake was centered about 8 miles south of Milford in Hunterdon County. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage after the quake hit at 2:24 p.m.

Milford town clerk Nora Lei said she was fielding calls from residents who reported plates and curtains being knocked off walls.

"At the top of the Milford hill, it felt like an explosion. In town it felt more like a shaking," Emergency Management Coordinator Henry Schepen said. Milford is about 20 miles northwest of Trenton.

The quake was powerful enough and loud enough for some to think there had been an explosion at the local papermill, the James River Corp.

Schepens said state police and local firefighters were assisting local emergency management crews in assessing damage to buildings and structures. There were no immediate reports of structural damage, Schepens said.

Holland Township Police Chief Steve Verish said there were no reports of damage.

"We felt it. ... Our whole building bounced. I've never experienced anything like that," Verish said.


I happened to be home when this hit (I'm about 5 miles from Milford and the Delaware River) and after checking to make sure a tree didn't hit the house, I mentioned to my wife that it seemed just like a couple of quakes I've experienced out West and overseas. Then my fire alert system went off and we were dispatched out to check for damage (nothing obvious).

The blackout a week ago and now this .... Can't wait to get to Moab where it's safe!!! :D

Mike in NJ :patriot:

Old hat is an understatement.... just last night at about 7:30 PM we had a 4.4 centered about 25 miles southwest of us. It was a mild rolling one...on of the "fun ones" :) Last week we had a 5.1 a little further out.

The Sunday paper has the "Seismo-watch" section that posts all the earthquakes we had over the past week. But I gotta tell ya, I'll take a little shaking every now and then as opposed to a tornado or hurricane any day! I prefer the "element of surprise" instead of being glued to a TV watching a tornado or hurricane bearing down on me. Besides, earthquakes don't really last that long... they're over with before you know it...