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Dana 30 No Slip


NAXJA Forum User
Dana 30 powertrax no slip bought new in December. Installed three weeks ago removed today for install of more street friendly truetrac. Has about 400 miles use. $310 shipped in USA.

Also Rusty's 3/4" lift shackles. One has small cut from where I cut off bolt. Does not affect strength in any way. $25 for pair shipped in USA.
I have a stock D30 in my 2001 XJ sport. I want to throw this in with stock axles, will this work (is this for 27 or 30-spline d30?) I also plan to regear from 3.55 to 4.10. I just want to make sure it would work for me. Never regeared/locked before, so I am uneducated. Thanks.