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Dammit dammit dammit

Joe Furlong

NAXJA Forum User
Just got the Jury Duty notice for October 7 - and I already begged off a 6-month postponement when they tried to kill my vacation in the spring. Gotta phone in to the automated message to see if I can even leave town.

If worst comes to worst, there is plenty of time to do up a homemade "Let's kill all the lawyers" T-shirt. Combine that, and foregoing the razor and deoderant for a few days would get me out of there by noon at the latest.

Spare me the lecture about civic duty, any other week than this and it would be no problem.
Jury Duty

Joe, if the judge drives an XJ you will have no problem........HA HA!

Just submit another postponement by fax. I postponed jury duty about 4 times before a time period finally worked. Then after all that, I didn't even get selected because the trial involved a client I work with....