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D44 for sale.........


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Vancouver, WA
it's under the XJ CRASH bought from my neighbor. If it doesn't sell by the end of the weekend, Billy is going to buy it and resell it. First $450 takes it.

PS. I didn't post this on the Classified Forum because I don't want to deal with shipping.
Good deal on the install of the TAD and gears of your choice, if the buyer swaps in his old axle so the beast is mobile!

Makes me wish that I would have kept my old 3.07ed 27 spline 8.25, that would have been perfect!

Yes, D44 rear out of an '88 with 3:07 gears and complete (drum to drum).

I highly recommend "Fecko's Bar, Grill and Off Road Shop" for the gear and TAD installation. :wink:
wished i had the available funds because shipping is free!
If this makes you curious.. email me and I will send a photo of my pickup and delivery service! LOL[/img]
3.07 gears....... ugh. Would trade my D35 with 3.07s plus cash if in good condition. Can't go $400 though.... I drive a Jeep= Just Empty Every Pocket

....PhatXJ posting on the NAXJA Sierra Chapter forum? Ain't you like some Jeepsunlimited forum moderator or something? :wink: :D


We're talking a D-44 already set up to go under an XJ! Work some OT, save a couple of pennies and GET IT.

If you can't afford a grand for a BUILT axle, you can't afford this sport.

If I needed 3.07 gears, sure.. it would be a great deal. But $400 and then paying to regear it is pricey. Not saying it isn't worth it, it's just outta my range. I make Idaho wages... Now if it had 3.55s so it would match my current setup, I'd be on my way to get it. I have family & friends in Sacto, would be a good reason to visit.
I second crash its a good deal for a 44, why not put that sucker on ebay didn't somebody get $800 out of one there, that means there were at least two people willing to pay that much.
Re: ????....

[quote:18431b3d59="Jes"]....PhatXJ posting on the NAXJA Sierra Chapter forum? Ain't you like some Jeepsunlimited forum moderator or something? :wink: :D


I don't know who that guy is 8)

By the way, whats a D44? Is that like an axle or something? Idaho Wages Jason? The wages must be good enough for you to have two sweet bikes :D
Bolt on a clear diff cover, and some LED's, and neon gear oil and the thing will be JU ready!